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Loki is a naturalist, illustrator, educator and forest trickster spirit residing in the Pacific Northwest. He has a passion for native plant identification, foraging and inspiring others with the natural wonders around us. 

His science illustration has been utilized in textbooks and research projects approved by the Institutional Research Board. He is a mixed media illustrator with a focus on breathing life and movement into the flora and fauna that he illustrates. 

He is a published comic illustrator with a focus on empowering comics for LGBTQ+ youth and currently is an ambassador for Pop Culture Hero Coalition, which seeks to end childhood bullying. 

Additionally, he is also a graphic designer, hand letterer, pyrographer and linocut printmaker. 

In his spare time, Loki enjoys learning about natural science and history, gardening, and hanging out with his 16 lb cat Ranma. 

Feel free to contact him for any inquiries, thank you! 

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